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Through my work as an art therapist, I bear witness to the healing power of art. I experience the same gratification with my own painting. I come from a family of artists, and I feel connected to their legacies as I paint. I am interested in creating realistic portrayals of nature and my surroundings. Working with oils, pastels, or acrylics, I strive to capture the beauty, color, and light of my subjects. My mother’s appreciation for the inherent beauty of nature and the small, overlooked moments inspires my work. Steeped in the traditions of nineteenth century landscapes, my bucolic scenes elevate an awareness and appreciation of quiet moments. There is a tranquility to the atmosphere I create with my work that’s befitting of the pastoralism I’m most drawn to. My paintings are a captured moment in time, and a study of the essence of the person, place, or object I am depicting.

Anne Leason Hitch, MA, ATR, LMHC



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